There is not anything else that can set a dining room apart like a well made and elegant wood dining table. A dining table of real wood will always make every meal and gathering feel a little more sophisticated. A wood dining table can have an offsetting trim, or a beautiful decorative inlay. Some designs that wood workers have put in to the arrangement of shades and grains have been very creative and very aesthetically appealing as well. A wood dining table could have a personalized inlay, making the piece of furniture a family heirloom that generations will be sure to be proud owners of. Whatever the case may be, a wood dining table would certainly be an excellent addition to any dining room event. 

A wood dining table is unique amongst wood furniture in that it will sustain the most amount of wear and tear over the years from normal every day use. After just one hot meal on a wood dining table that is not properly finished and cared for, the surface of the table can have a hazy white spot or a ring, or both, or even multiples of both, depending on how many people didn't use coasters or how many hot dishes were on the table. Normally when wood is finished it is sealed with a finish like polyurethane or shellac. Some wood workers prefer tung oil, some prefer mineral oil. The types of finishes that are available to the wood worker are many, so when an owner of a wood dining table is preparing to repair blemishes in a finish it is important to know what type of finish is already in use on the wood dining table. Often the intent of a wood worker is to apply a finish that is as close to the grain as possible, and the finish is as thin as possible. This gives the wood a more natural look and allows the many varied subtleties of the grain to show through. With a wood dining table that sustains a lot of impacts and heat variations, as well as humidity variations, the finish must be quite a bit more robust than the standard finish that might be found on a picture frame. The quality of the heartiness of the finish will reflect in how easily the finish is damaged, as well as how extensively the finish is damaged. There is no perfect finish that will fully protect a wood dining table from damage from being used for what it was designed for, so coasters and pads for hot serving dishes are always a good idea.

Mixing grains and natural wood coloring can make for an exciting and appealing wood dining table. Some designs use a darker wood like hickory to create a crisscrossed checker board pattern diagonally across the table, and filled in with a light colored wood like maple. Reversing the light and dark colors is an option that could work well in situations that the other might not. Using strips of varying wood types to make a pattern of concentric lines following the contours of the edges of the wood dining table and fading from light to dark gives the appearance of a convex or concave table top. A less complex pattern would be one that is rectangular pieces staggered like bricks and separated by thin strips of a different colored wood to create the effect of mortar. Many designs are available for the many tastes people have, and many prefer the simplistic elegance of a single type of wood.

 No matter what choice is made for a wood dining table, it will serve the same purpose of providing a beautiful piece of furniture for the family or friends to gather around to celebrate the day, or have a meal, or just to get together and talk or play some games. As the centerpiece of the dining room, the wood dining table that sits well in the room and is complimented by everything in the room will be sure to elicit compliments from guests on the good taste of the host or hostess. Wood dining tables have been a staple of family gatherings since people first learned how to fashion furniture from trees, and the appeal is still the same. Whether a sophisticated pattern, a personalized inlay, or a simple single grain table top, the wood dining table is a great place for families and friends to gather for meals and conversation. With its natural aesthetics and communal functionality, a wood dining table is one of the things that helps make a house feel like a home.